Industrial 3D Printing

Innovate and speed up your processes

At Solaxis, we opt for 3D printing for its outstanding mechanical properties. We use NINE large-format industrial machines that enable us to employ multiple advanced engineering thermoplastics in order to meet your specific needs and requirements.

  • Good understanding of the OEM environment and its rigorous processes
  • Engineering expertise with high added value
  • Quality commitment
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  • Support and analysis of the needs
  • Coaching on design for additive manufacturing
  • Quality GD&T interpretation and analysis
  • Qualification of raw materials and equipment
  • Qualification with destructive testing coupons and analysis of test results
  • Joint research projects
  • Beta testing of materials



  • Aerospace standards
  • Components assembly
  • Turnkey projects
  • One-stop shop

The expertise that sets us apart

1. A different way of thinking and designing

Since 2010, our years spent developing expertise in FMD (fused deposition modelling) technology allowed us to develop a unique approach that makes for the best possible results.

We support our customers in optimally designing their parts for 3D printing.

  • Design for 3D printing
    • Production via the addition of materials
    • Support of the part during the building process
    • Avoidance of weak areas
    • Consideration of process limits
  • Design freedom
  • Functional design
    • Assembly
    • Insertion of components
    • Durability

2. Part optimization

Our experience with thousands of successful projects over the years has allowed our team to develop unrivalled expertise in 3D printing.

We make sure all the parts we produce are ideal depending on your priorities, including specific technical requirements, functionality, surface finish, assembly and weight.

To ensure your project’s success, our experts take into account the following:

  • Manufacturing position;
  • Optimization of programming for toolpaths; and
  • Geometric analysis of the 3D file (CAD) and compensation for outstanding results.

3. High-performance and precise set up

For each change in setup, calibration is performed for optimal precision.

4. Production environment

We have designed a cutting-edge facility with a manufacturing management system that helps optimize additive production at every step of the key processes in 3D printing.

Production reliability and peace of mind:

  • Controlled-temperature environment
  • No interruptions to production, thanks to:
    • Generator
    • Industrial UPS backup
  • Electric filter
  • Auxiliary equipment redundancy
  • Preventive system of alerts

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