Additive manufacturing (industrial 3D printing)

Solaxis specializes in large-format industrial 3D printing with advanced and certified thermoplastics, for end-use production parts (low-volume production), functional prototypes and specialized tooling.

Solaxis offers turnkey solutions enabling customers to save time and money while incorporating better operational practices.


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3D printing for industrial needs

Additive manufacturing : a solution perfectly adapted to the aerospace industry.


Discover how our customer took advantage of 3D printing technology to make a new production jig.


5 tips to build the best procurement supply chain


Here is what you need to know if you are about to evaluate 3D printing technology in order to optimize your supply chain.

How to spot improvement opportunities for your production line | 1/4


In these four articles, we offer avenues to help you spot improvement opportunities for your production line thanks to 3D printing integration. This first article suggests tips and tricks for cutting down on lead and production times, mainly related to design validation and prototyping.

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