Proud contributing partner of the Conférence du Réseau Québec 3D

1 May 2016 by François Guilbault

On May 5, 2016, Solaxis Ingenious Manufacturing hosted a booth at the Réseau Québec 3D annual conference in order to meet participants and introduce them to the advantages of industrial 3D printing. The event was also an opportunity to make these advantages known to the Quebec-based manufacturers in attendance. The participants greatly appreciated the chance to see and better understand the use of thermoplastics in industrial 3D engineering. Highlights included:

Large formats The ability to print large-format parts with enhanced mechanical properties compared to conventional 3D printing (MakerBot [PLA], Dimension [ABS-plus]).

impression 3D d'un prototype fonctionnel

Thermal resistance The ability to print parts with high temperature resistance.

pièce imprimée en 3D pour le secteur automobile

Specialized tooling Design, production and programming of specialized tooling.

service de conception, fabrication et programmation d'outillages spécialisés
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