Empower medical innovation with industrial 3D printing

Our solutions help empower medical innovation and support medical progress to effectively enhances device testing and development.



Industrial 3D printing in the medical sector

Additive manufacturing gives the real and uncanny ability to design a product, design a treatment and design an approach. At Solaxis, we offer two biocompatible and sterelizable thermoplastics, enabling the manufacturing of end-use parts, functional prototypes and specialized tooling for the medical sector.

ULTEM 1010

“ULTEM 1010 is a high-performance FDM thermoplastic and has the highest tensile strength and chemical and heat resistance of any FDM thermoplastic. It has NSF 51 food contact certification and is biocompatible per ISO 10993 and USP Class VI certification. It can be sterilized using autoclave and other methods, making it appropriate for medical tools such as surgical guides. It has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion of any FDM material, making it suitable for many industrial tooling applications and other parts that require the unique combination of strength and thermal stability. ULTEM 1010 is used on Fortus Production Systems.”


“PC-ISO is an FDM polycarbonate with biocompatibility per ISO 10993 and USP Class VI. The material can be sterilized using EtO and gamma radiation. PC-ISO has high tensile and flexural strength and a high heat deflection temperature. In these categories its values are 33 percent to 59 percent higher than those of ABS-M30i. Applications include medical devices and food and drug packaging.”

The Solaxis difference


  • Optimization via 3D printing
  • Dimensional inspection and GD&T
  • Specialized tooling:
    • Design for ergonomics and productivity
    • PLC programming
    • Pneumatic logic circuits (loop, and, or, etc.)
    • Sensors and electronics
  • Certified ISO 9001
Compare our materials
  • Self-lubricating thermoplastics to minimize wear
  • Impact resistance
  • Hybrid assemblies: possibility of combining thermoplastics, aluminum and metals

Modern facilities

  • A variety of cutting-edge manufacturing equipment
  • Reliability guaranteed by our auxiliary equipment:
    • Industrial generator and UPS backup, as well as high-performance servers
    • ERP system and EPDM vault