Dimensional Inspection Services

Count on our expertise to inspect your parts

Dimensional inspection verifies compliance of parts and assemblies manufactured by Solaxis, based on the requirements and tolerances established by the customer. Our experts demonstrate rigour by using sophisticated analytical methods to best meet your needs. The results can lead to key solutions in order to reduce your production costs and timeframes, or to optimize your processes.

service d'inspection dimensionnelle

Ensure your parts’ compliance

1. Limit your risks

Be sure about your parts’ dimensional compliance beyond 2D by leveraging the assessment of an independent third party. Error detection will allow you to deliver a quality product and to avoid overstepping budgets.

Work with a team with in-depth knowledge of GD&T:

  • Highly qualified staff that works closely together with you;
  • Possibility of communicating directly with your customer in order to clarify results;
  • Compliance with industry standards;
  • Guarantee of respecting budget estimates.

2. Save time and money

Subcontracting your products’ inspection to an outside firm gives you access to better resources and helps you stay on the cutting edge of technology, without requiring major investments. Focus your efforts on what brings in the highest returns, and let our highly qualified staff perform your inspections and dimensional adjustments for you.

Count on Solaxis’ technology and staff:

  • Modern laboratory;
  • Advanced equipment and technology;
  • Mobile equipment and staff;
  • Ability to make immediate physical adjustments to ensure your tooling and jigs’ compliance.

3. Guarantee your project’s success

Before even accepting a job order, entrust our team with GD&T interpretation of plans and estimates in order to get your project off on the right foot. Subcontracting also helps solve the problem of a lack of internal resources.

Enjoy reliable service:

  • An extension of your team;
  • Expertise with GD&T interpretation;
  • Ongoing communication with you and your customer to accurately understand needs;
  • Inspection results explained carefully and thoroughly.

The Solaxis difference


  • GD&T (dimensional and geometric tolerance)
  • 3D measurement technologies
  • Metrology project management

Cutting-edge laboratory

  • 7-axis arm with integrated sensor probe and high-resolution scanner
  • Advanced dimensional inspection software
  • Possibility of movement thanks to mobile equipment
  • Super-powerful computers to process CAO files and large-size point clouds
  • Calibration certificates for active equipment

 Modern facilities

  • Controlled temperature
  • Reliability guaranteed by our auxiliary equipment:
    • Industrial generator and UPS backup, as well as high-performance servers
    • ERP system and EPDM vault

Examples of projects

Plastic blowmolding manufacturer. 

Project brief
To perform dimensional inspection of the first parts produced for a customer (FAI – First Article Inspection).


  • Complete a FAIR (First Article Inspection Report) as per industry standards in order to prove part quality to the customer.
  • Avoid non-compliance subsequent to production launch.


  • Preliminary analysis of 2D drawings of the part to produce, in order to check for potentially problematic dimensions subsequent to production launch.
  • Dimensional inspection of the first parts produced.
  • Production and analysis of reports in order to facilitate communication with the customer.
Inspection-dimensionnelle - Plastech

Plastech Inc., a manufacturer of sealing devices for the automotive industry.

Project brief
Dimensional inspection of a flexible sealing device in a simulation environment for a closing door.


  • To set the parts in “car body position.”
  • To make sure the ceiling device would meet specifications to complete the product’s PPAP.


  • 3D production of a jig in order to constrain the part.
  • Dimensional inspection of the sealing device.
  • Compliance validation via colorimetry over 100% of the part’s external surfaces.
  • Production of an inspection report to allow our customer to complete the PPAP.

Return on investment
The ROI is instantaneous in the event of non-compliant parts, given that you can take the required action at the right time:

  • Costly production errors are avoided thanks to tolerance analysis for preliminary drawings.
  • Dimensional inspection avoids future non-compliance problems.
  • Part evaluation by a third party enables you to enhance your credibility to customers and/or resolve any disputes.

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Frequently asked questions

What part dimensions can you inspect with your equipment?

We use a Faro EDGE arm with a total reach of 9’, i.e., a 4.5′ arm that revolves around its central base. Larger parts can also be inspected by moving the arm.

What do we need to know or prepare for inspection at our offices?

You need to make sure the inspection takes place in a stable and traffic-free environment to avoid floor vibrations or any human-induced vibrations that cause equipment and parts to move. You also normally need to have a solid worktable to secure the part, and to leave sufficient workspace, namely 6 sq. ft., to allow us to move the arm freely.