Defence and Security

Personalize your equipment both quickly precisely

The use of 3D technologies in defence and security allows you to accelerate the product development process, personalize features and properties, and avoid the high costs generally incurred by changes to the supply and production chain.

3D printing enables you to:

  • Produce parts on request;
  • Quickly design low-volume equipment;
  • Produce precise functional prototypes, even when complex.

Our products

1. Functional 3D prototype and low-volume production

Thanks to the use of engineering thermoplastics, 3D printing is able to produce solid and reliable parts, in addition to optimizing turnaround times and resources both at the design and production stages.

  • Protective clothing and accessories
  • Radar and fiber-optic components
  • Parts for drones
  • Vehicle interiors

2. Specialized tooling and jig production

At Solaxis, we make sure that equipment and jig production meet the most stringent industry standards with respect to stability, manoeuvrability, lightness and optimal user protection.

  • Assembly fixtures
  • Thermoforming molds
  • Cutting jigs

Our services

1. Dimensional inspection

  • Compliance validation:
    • Protective accessories
    • Before and after thermal processing
    • Before and after secondary processing steps

2. Reverse engineering

  • Vehicles and parts from previous programs
  • Equipment components
  • Retrofitting
  • Adjustment of the part’s 3D model to ensure it conforms to reality

The Solaxis Difference


  • Optimization via 3D printing
  • Dimensional inspection and GD&T
  • Specialized tooling:
    • PLC programming
    • Pneumatic logic circuits (loop, and, or, etc.)
    • Vision sensors and electronics
  • Certified ISO 9001 and AS9100C
  • Registered under the Controlled Goods Program (CGP)
Compare our materials
  • Self-lubricating thermoplastics to minimize wear
  • Impact resistance
  • Hybrid assemblies: possibility of combining thermoplastics, aluminum and metals

Modern facilities

  • A variety of cutting-edge manufacturing equipment
  • Reliability guaranteed by our auxiliary equipment:
    • Industrial generator and UPS backup, as well as high-performance servers
    • ERP system and EPDM vault